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30% off Dash Cam with Speed Limit Alert System – Aguri

At Aguri, we love all types of electronic gadgets from sat nav devices that help get us from A to B, more quickly, more safely and more efficiently, to dash cam and speed awareness devices that tell us the speed limits and help stop us from exceeding them! We like to be one step ahead of the rest and that is why you’ll always find the latest technology and the best value for money at Aguri. Whether you’re looking for a specialist sat nav for your motorhome or truck, a dash cam, speed awareness device, cordless pressure washer for your garden or even an air purifier for your home or office, we have it covered! We hope that our passion for electronics and innovation shows in all the products you find on our website.


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  • Drive Assist technology
  • Automatic accident and event recording
  • Speedshield speed trap database


Read genuine feedback from customers who have purchased and used their products:

Very happy with my DX4000, it’s accurate, spot on, and very good with the speed trap alerts too.
Venkat VinnyVenkat Vinny
Use this daily, it’s been a worthwhile investment to help me out, whether with the dashcam, or being aware of my speed with the limits.
Bill HughesBill Hughes
The DX4000 and the company are both 100% class, if you need a dashcam, this is the one to purchase.
Leonard VincentLeonard Vincent


What is Drive Assist?

Drive Assist is an alternative display mode that can be used when you’re not using the navigation software and converts your sat nav into a speed limit and speed trap detection system. Instead of displaying the normal map view, Drive Assist mode will display the speed limit of every road you drive on and will alert you if you exceed the speed limit and when the speed limit changes, as well as alerting you to all types of speed trap and safety cameras.

Can I update the Speed Trap database on this?

Yes, you can! There will be monthly updates once a month, which you can access through the device (by going to Software Updates) or via the Aguri World website.


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30% off Dash Cam with Speed Limit Alert System – Aguri
30% off Dash Cam with Speed Limit Alert System – Aguri

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