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10% off Solar Chargers and Power Stations – ALLPOWERS

ALLPOWERS has a large range of products equipped with high quality and high safety technology. With output quantities ranging from 200w to 4000w, we also offer a wide range of solar panels and accessories. ALLPOWERS takes advantage of its extensive product portfolio in the power supply sector to propose the right power solution for the customer, rather than individual product specifications. From our extensive product range, we are sure to come up with the perfect system for your application


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  • Portable for transport and camping
  • High Efficiency
  • Expert Customer Support


Read genuine feedback from customers who have purchased and used their products:

Its extremely well made, looks and feels great quality. Overall, love the unit, its solid and will have many uses for smaller items, phone, laptop, card reader etc but unlikely to be any good as a back up if the power goes off! Other than that, a 5 star piece of equipment.
Bruce WallworkBruce Wallwork
Excellent product. Good build quality. Plenty of features. Very handy for situations such as power cuts or travelling, good wireless charger for mobile phones and a good number of ports. Used it in work the other day as the power was off for maintenance, and we ran a printer, radio and charged my phone at the same time with no problem. Also used it to power my laptop later on and used the handy lights on the front. Overall an excellent item. Highly recommended.
Jimmy LeathemJimmy Leathem
The product is surprisingly small and lightweight for its feature set. By my count you can plug in two AC devices, three USB devices, one USB C device and two direct DC devices. For running computers, lights, phones and even a MiFi device for off-grid WiFi something like this is perfect. The build quality seems excellent during my limited testing. It’s clearly a well made product but only time will tell if it’s also built to last.
Marc HaywoodMarc Haywood


What type of devices can your power station charge?

The station can charge various devices such as CPAPs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, LED lights, drones, car mini-fridges, Go-Pro, SPEAKER, TV screens, cameras, etc.

What type of charging ports is your power station equipped with?

Our power stations have multiple outputs. AC, DC and a USB port to power a variety of small electronics including laptops, smartphones, drones, Go-Pros, cameras, CPAPs and more.

How can I recharge the power station?

Our power stations can be charged by wall chargers/solar chargers and car chargers. Some models require the purchase of a DC to car power inverter in order to fully charge the car. Please check with the seller prior to purchase.
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10% off Solar Chargers and Power Stations – ALLPOWERS
10% off Solar Chargers and Power Stations – ALLPOWERS

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