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10% off orders – BackPainHelp

We wanted to do something different, something better, in short develop solutions that actually work and help people with back pain.  Our goal is to provide the complete solution to help our customers maintain a healthy back. Offering solutions of drug free pain relief, ways to improve your posture, exercises to strengthen your core abdominal & back stabiliser muscles and nutrition, BackPainHelp is here to assist you.


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  • Assistance with good posture
  • Comfortable relief for back pain
  • London Spine Clinic approved


Read genuine feedback from customers who have purchased and used their products:

Excellent quality and very comfortable to wear, doing a great job keeping my posture correct. I found the size guide helpful when ordering,This was an easy process followed by a fast delivery time. Thank you BackPainHelp.
Colin BanfieldColin Banfield
It does seem to be helping me to adopt a better posture and alleviate the strain on my back, shoulders and neck as a result of sitting at a desk. I had some post-purchase questions that I asked and got a really quick, knowledgeable reply to those.
Janice DockerayJanice Dockeray
This is a company which supplies excellent products, but where it also excels, is in it’s after sales service even some time after the product was purchased. I contacted them, Mark replied and took care of it for me. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending them as my personal experience has been very satisfying.
Nick FairhurstNick Fairhurst


How long do you suggest wearing the back brace for?

We generally recommend to use the Back Brace up to two hours per day for the best results. We recommend working up to this amount of time day by day generally increasing the amount of time until your body becomes accustomed to the Back Brace. This can vary depending on the user, we have made the Back Brace as comfortable as possible so it’s suitable to be worn for longer periods if necessary.

How often should I use the backboard stretcher?

We recommend using the back stretcher for 5 minutes, twice a day for the best results. Choose your level of comfort from the 3 levels of adjustability. 
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10% off orders – BackPainHelp
10% off orders – BackPainHelp
10% Discount

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