10 Ways You Can Decisively Reduce Your Motoring Costs

Motoring can be expensive, regardless of how often you drive. Here are ten says you can cut back on your expenses as a motorist…

Insurance Providers Don’t Deserve Loyalty

Drivers appear to be ‘loyal’ to car insurance providers. In practice, they’re probably just being lazy. But shopping around and looking for cheaper options can save us hundreds of pounds. Every single time your cover is coming to an end or is up for renewal, assess your options elsewhere.

Avoid Needless Weight

It’s hardly esoteric motoring knowledge, but keeping your vehicle light equates to economical driving. Why? The heavier your vehicle, the harder your engine is going to have to work in order to get it moving; that means greater consumption of fuel. Keep your car free of anything that doesn’t need to be in it, either in the boot or behind the seats; your wallet will thank you.

Don’t Use Windscreen Wipers On Ice

Windscreen wipers face a lot of abuse and wear and tear. Replacing them can cost around £20 each, so it’s wise to look after them. Using them on ice is a sure way of wearing them out prematurely or just breaking them outright. Always use a scraper or de-icer when attempting to clear your windscreen of ice.

Seize Opportunities With Classic Cars

Ok, this one is a little ‘out there’. But opting for a classic car can, in the long term, mean more affordable motoring. Vehicles that were registered over 40 years ago are exempt from tax. In addition, if you choose your model wisely you may even find it appreciating in value; which is rather novel as far as cars go.

Take An Advanced Driving Course

Many advanced driving courses will teach you how to drive economically, that is to say, they’ll encourage driving techniques that reduce the costs of motoring. Hypermiling, for instance, is the art of driving in such a way that you minimise fuel consumption. Some of the techniques can be quite sophisticated, so it’s worth learning how to execute them safely.

Add Family Members To Your Car Insurance

This isn’t the same as ‘fronting’, which is the increasingly prevalent habit of insuring a car under the name of a more experienced driver; it’s especially popular amongst new drivers, who insure their cars under their parents’ names. It’s fraud, so don’t do it. What you can do, however, is name your partner as another insured driver of the vehicle. This can balance risk and reduce the premium.

Make Sure To Challenge Parking Tickets

Unless you’re 100% in the wrong, it’s always worth appealing against parking tickets. In many cases, they’re distributed by overzealous wardens and officials. Check terms and conditions, compile your evidence and stand your ground as much as is reasonable; it may be overturned.

Try Not To Strike The Kerb

This may sound obvious, but it’s something many drivers do and on a daily basis. It’s easily done if you’re not paying attention. But striking the kerb with your tyres is an excellent way of damaging them and wearing them out prematurely. Approach the kerb slowly and avoid making direct contact.

Premium Fuel Is A Waste

Most petrol stations offer a ‘premium’ fuel option. In theory, these provide a better fuel economy and effectively ‘clean’ out your car’s engine of debris and gunk. Unfortunately, there’s basically no evidence everyday vehicles benefit from it; and only anecdotal evidence that even luxury or sports vehicles benefit themselves. Save your money, don’t bother.

Wash Your Own Car

Washing our cars can be tedious and time-consuming, but it’s better than regularly forking out for someone else to do it for us. Even a £5 wash can add up over time, especially if you consider the fuel costs of driving somewhere to have our cars cleaned. Get into the practice of washing your own car and on a regular basis. It’ll become second-nature in no time and you’ll make meaningful savings.

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