156 Garages Have Been Banned From Conducting MOT Tests

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced that 156 garages have been banned from conducting MOT tests…

Garages Face MOT Ban 

The DVSA has announced that 156 garages, from all across the UK, are being banned from conducting MOT tests. In addition, 335 individuals are also being penalised. All of them, in some shape or form, have been found to have broken MOT rules. Over the course of the last year alone, the organisation has received 2,057 reports of fraud. Whilst most garages obey the rules, and conduct themselves professionally, it said there are still ‘those who try to cheat the system”.

Some unacceptable behaviours, that have led to bans, include the likes of taking bribes for MOT certificates; not to mention issuing the certificates to vehicles that have either failed their tests or simply not taken them at all. It goes without saying, such behaviour can lead to disaster should the vehicles end up breaking down or causing a road accident.

Reporting Questionable Behaviour 

Drivers can report garages to the DVSA anonymously. However, they will be asked to provide specific information. This might include who’s involved, what the concern is, where and when it happened etc. You might also be asked to provide the registration plates of the concerned vehicles (assuming you know them).

The DVSA will then investigate the issue, working alongside other agencies, government departments and (if necessary) relevant police forces. If a garage is found to have broken the rules, it could be banned from conducting the tests; its owners could also face prison sentences, depending on the severity of the offences.

If you have an issue that needs reporting, the DVSA can be contacted on 0800 030 4103 or via email at enquiries@dvsa.gov.uk

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