20% Of Motorists Say They Will Drive Less After Lockdown

One-fifth of the nation’s motorists believe that they’ll drive less after lockdown measures are relaxed, according to new research from the AA…

Driving Less After Lockdown

A new survey conducted by the AA has suggested that up to a fifth of British drivers expect to drive less frequently after lockdown measures are relaxed. The poll, consisting of 20,000 respondents, asked a range of transport and lifestyle questions concerning the lockdown. It discovered that two-thirds of the respondents (66%) were currently working from home; but that one third (34%) were not due to furlough requirements. Long-term, 11% of those who responded to the survey said they expected to be working from home more often in the future; a figure that rises to 23% for people aged between 35 and 44.

But these results don’t suggest we’re all going to become indefinitely home-bound. Around 40% of people said they’d be seeing family members they don’t live with more often. A further 40% said they intended to participate in more outdoor activities in the future; that figure rose to 62% for people aged between 18 and 24. A further 9% will volunteer more amongst their communities. When asked about the first trip they’d be making after the lockdown, visits to friends and family easily topped the list.

Long-Term Effects

Edmund King, President of the AA, believes the surveys suggests long-term changes in the way Brits travel. He said, “potentially there could be major changes to the way we travel post-lockdown. Analysis suggests that one fifth might use public transport less in cities post-lockdown. Outside of London which has parking and congestion charging restrictions, we could see an increase in car use in other cities where people shun public transport for fear of the virus”. He added, “however, this trend may be countered with a change in driving patterns by those who normally drive but have got used to leaving the car at home during lockdown. More than one in five say they will drive less after restrictions are lifted. It is also likely that at least one in ten will work from home more often”.

In other words, some of us have realised that we’re not quite as dependent on cars as we might have believed; working from home, relying on public transport more frequently or otherwise simply not making as many journeys. That said, King doesn’t expect the demand for cars to be greatly affected. He said, “there will still be a demand for new and used cars but people may just use them slightly less which will reduce congestion and bring environmental benefits”. That sounds very much like a win-win conclusion.

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