20 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Car

No matter how often you drive, what car you drive and where, there are some things you should always have to hand. Here’s twenty things to store in your vehicle…

Breakdown Provider Details  

No matter how well we look after our cars, a breakdown is always a possibility. In which case, it makes sense to keep the details of your breakdown recovery provider in your car; depending on where you are, it may be a struggle to get ahold of them otherwise.

Spare Tyre and Jack 

A lot of vehicles come with a spare tyre and a jack. Some newer vehicles, however, simply come with a tyre repair kit; something often regarded as a cost-cutting measure on the part of car manufacturers. Nevertheless, having a spare tyre and a jack to hand is a good way of dealing with a puncture and quickly (assuming you know what you’re doing).

Tyre Pressure Gauge 

A tyre pressure gauge is a simple and easy-to-use tool that will provide accurate readings on the amount of air in your vehicle’s tyres; allowing you to make informed decisions about whether to drive or whether you need to take action.


A torch can make a massive difference should you breakdown in the early hours or at night. They can also be useful for investigating those nooks and crannies in your vehicle, should something go wrong.

Mobile Phone Charger

It’s never a great experience when our phones go flat on us, especially when we’re on the move. In which case, consider buying a phone charger specifically for your car and leave it there.

First Aid Kit

Some people may find travelling with a first aid kit a bit morbid, or perhaps a bit excessive. However, if you regularly travel far from home, or if you’re driving on quiet and isolated roads, it could make all the difference should the worst happen.


In an age of sat navs, maps appear to be enormously anachronistic. Indeed, many drivers may not even know how to use one nowadays. That said, should you find yourself lost an in an area with poor connection, a reliable map could be extremely useful.


Whether it’s a sunny day, or the sun is simply hanging low in the sky, a pair of decent sunglasses will massively improve your visibility whilst you’re behind the wheel. Always have a pair to hand.

Loose Change

Despite the rise of contactless payments, many car parks in the UK still only take cash payments. Even if they do take payments via card, they often fail or experience faults. Keeping some loose change in your vehicle, then, can make the parking experience much easier.

Food and Water

Staying properly hydrated is crucial when it comes to maintaining proper levels of concentration; something that’s very important when driving for extended periods of time. Keep some water stored in your vehicle, ideally in a proper water bottle. It’s also handy to keep some long-life food to hand, should you breakdown or find yourself trapped in extreme traffic.

Reflective Triangle / Jacket

Should you breakdown, it’s important that other road-users can see you clearly from a distance. In which case, a reflective triangle and a high-visibility jacket can go a long way in keeping you, your passengers and other road-users safe.

Car Manual 

All cars come with a thorough car manual. If yours is new, it should be handed over to you. Even used vehicles should come with a proper manual. They explain how your vehicle works, and offer insights into maximum loading capacities and the sort of air pressures your tyres should have. Keep it to hand.

Jump Leads

Flat batteries are one of the most common causes of breakdowns in the UK, and one of the most avoidable. Having some jump leads to hand, however, means that you can charge yours should it become flat whilst you’re away from home.

Mobile Phone Holder

Many of us chose to use our phones as a sat nav. In which case, it’s important that it’s visible in a way that doesn’t distract us from the road ahead of us. A mobile phone holder is a perfect way of using our phones safely.

Dash Cam

Dash cams are relatively cheap nowadays, an inexpensive way of protecting you from negligent drivers and covering your back in the case of an accident or criminal behaviour. Consider investing in one.

Air Freshener

No one wants to be stuck in a smelly car for lengthy periods of time; and you certainly don’t want your passengers to associate travelling with you with unpleasant smells. Get a simple air freshener.


As anyone who’s lived in the UK for a modest period of time will know, the weather is unpredictable and it rains fairly frequently. It makes sense to store an umbrella in your car.

Dog Bags 

We’re a nation of dog lovers and many of us travel with our canine companions. We love taking them to new places for a walk. The last thing you want, however, is to be in the middle of a walk with no way of cleaning it up; all whilst being stared at by expectant walkers. Keep some dog bags in your car.

Cleaning Wipes

Whether it’s a sticky drink, mess from a roadside meal or mud from a canine companion, our cars can get a bit messy in a myriad of ways. In which case, it’s best to clean things up sooner rather than later. Consider packing some cleaning wipes, so you can tackle the grime before it digs in.

Deicer / Ice Scraper 

As was mentioned earlier, the UK’s weather is far from predictable. Our cars can easily freeze up before winter and once it’s over. Store some deicer and an ice scraper in your vehicle, so you’ve always got in when you need it.

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