30% Of British Drivers Name Their Cars, According To Research

The average Brit spends the equivalent of four years at the wheel, so it’s no surprise that they might grow attached to their motors. For some, though, the bond is so strong that they feel the need to name their cars…

Naming Our Cars

Does your car have a name? If so, it’s hardly alone. New research has revealed that 30% of British drivers bestow names upon their motors. At least, that’s according to a survey conducted by Skoda; involving 2,000 drivers, it discovered that a third of respondents had even named three cars over the course of their lives. Over 450 names were recorded as being used. Popular choices included the likes of Rosie, Betty, Freddie and Daisy. Celebrity names proved popular, too, with some drivers opting for Beyonce and even Harrison Ford. A few more colourful choices even included Ketchup, Bubbles, and The Beast. But why do we name our cars?

According to 29% of the respondents, they granted their cars names simply because it’s amusing. Some 20% said a particular name simply suited their car. A further 10% said the name reminded them of someone special and 8% named their car after a loved one or family member. According to Skoda’s research, women are twice as likely to name their cars as man. There are also regional discrepancies. For instance, drivers in the Midlands are the most likely to name their cars; followed by the likes of Scotland and Wales.

Our Relationship With Cars

A tenth of the respondents to Skoda’s survey admitted that they love their car more than their spouse or partner; perhaps proving that our civilisation is now truly doomed. Either way, the relationships people have with their vehicles are clearly strong. As a Skoda spokesperson explained, “naming a car is just one of the many ways that demonstrates the relationship we have with our cars. Our in-car digital assistant, named Laura, can carry out a number of different functions at the driver’s request. With the ability to speak six languages and a permanent online connectivity, she is a valuable driver aid for owners”. In other words, technology will soon allow the likes of ‘Ketchup’ and ‘The Beast’ to talk back to their owners and in increasingly elaborate ways; taking the relationship drivers have with their cars further still.

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