40% Of Driving Instructors Have Increased Their Prices

A significant number of British driving instructors have hiked their prices in response to a surge in demand for lessons…

Driving Instructors Raise Prices

Four out of ten driving instructors in the UK have increased their prices due to a surge in demand. This increase, which is largely a product of the coronavirus pandemic, follows an enormous backlog of budding learner drivers waiting to receive lessons. According to car insurance provider Marmalade, instructors ‘have been left with no choice but to up the cost of driving lessons as the backlog of learners mounts and pressure on the industry builds’.

In a survey of 4,000 driving instructors, Marmalade also discovered that 30% of them have actually reduced the frequency of the lessons learners can book. Some are also prioritising more experienced learners, as they require less time behind the wheel. Overall, the price of lessons has increased by 9% since the start of the pandemic. The average cost of a lesson now sits at £31.15, up from £28.47 last year.

Demand Up By 227%

Demand for driving lessons has increased by an incredible 227%, overtaking supply by a wide margin. The typical driving instructor is now receiving 8.24 more enquires a week than they were last year. Some 30% of instructors are actually have to turn away 5 to 10 enquires each week.

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, commented on the situation. He said, “learner drivers are still feeling the impact of the past 18 months; with the aftershock of the pandemic disrupting the industry at every level”. He added, “driving instructors have told us they are plagued by third-party apps that buy up all of the test slots, meaning they have no way of their pupils booking a test and leaving their capacity tight. This is a vicious cycle that is only making the situation worse for all parties, leaving learners unable to get on the road to freedom and impacting instructors’ businesses and lives”.

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