5 Signs That Your Car Is Ready For A Service

When your car is overdue a service, it has a number of ways of letting you know. Here’s five of them to watch out for…

Puddles and Leaks

Upon inspecting your car, you may occasionally encounter puddles or leaks. Generally speaking, these are nothing to worry about. Water can be produced via the condensation caused by air conditioning units. In addition, water can leak from your exhaust during the winter months. Neither should be a cause for alarm.

However, should a puddle or leak consist of a coloured liquid, it’s probably a sign that your vehicle is due a service. It could be steering wheel fluid, oil or (crucially) brake fluid. All need quick attention.

Warning Lights

The most obvious sign that your vehicle is due a service is the service warning light that can appear on your vehicle’s dashboard. This will either say ‘service’ or depict a spanner or wrench. Some lights will also tell you in advance, noting how many days you have before the service becomes overdue. Never ignore your vehicle’s warning lights, whether they concern servicing or something else entirely.

Brake Problems 

Your car’s brakes are its most important feature. In which case, even the remotest sign that there’s a problem with them should be professionally investigated. A clear sign of there being a problem is having to press down harder on the brake pedal than you usually do. This could be a sign that brake fluid is leaking or that the brake pads are significantly worn.

Random Stalls

If your car is seemingly stalling at random, or losing power, it’s time to visit a garage. Both issues can be caused by something as simple as faulty spark plugs. More serious issues could concern the vehicle’s catalytic converter or fuel injection system.


Your car shouldn’t excessively vibrate. A wide range of issues can cause vibrations, including the likes of loose engine mounts, oil leaks and problems with pressure plates. Whilst it might not appear to be a serious issue, it’s worth investigating to rule out serious defects.

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