7 Ways You Can Make Driving A Less Stressful Experience

With over 40 million registered vehicles, the UK’s road network can be a stressful place. But there are ways you can make driving a less stressful experience…

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Racing against the clock, quite literally, is a sure way to make your driving stressful. It makes otherwise inoffensive things, such as a red light or a slightly slower driver, utterly insufferable. To avoid becoming irritable in this way, give yourself plenty of time before setting out on your journeys.

Plan Your Journeys

No matter how much time you have, some developments on the road can cause stress; whether it’s road works or a particularly challenging series of lane changes. Planning your journeys in advance helps you take control of the driving experience. Think about your preferences and abilities, and choose routes to match.

Listen to the Right Music 

Believe it or not, the music we listen to has been shown to have a significant effect on how we drive. Loud, aggressive and fast-paced music makes us less risk-averse and more confrontational. Conversely, calmer music has the opposite effect. If you find driving stressful, try listening to something a bit more relaxing.

Clean Your Car

Human beings, as a general rule, don’t like unclean and untidy places. This is especially the case in enclosed areas, such as a car. Clearing yours of rubbish and keeping things clean will make it a more inviting and pleasant place to be.

Drive Smoothly 

If you’re driving frantically and aggressively, you’ll likely find yourself in more demanding and intense situations. These, naturally, can prove to be stressful. Sticking to a suitable speed, avoiding needless acceleration and maneuvering gently will make your experience a calmer one.

Don’t Escalate Situations 

There will always be bad drivers on the road. What counts if how we deal with them. If someone tailgates you, or cuts you off, escalating the situation is always unwise. First of all, you don’t know who these people are or what they’re prepared to do. Secondly, it’s not your job to enforce the rules of the road; that’s a police matter. Brush such people off, take a deep breath and don’t let them ruin your day.

Be Polite and Courteous 

What goes around comes around. Being polite and courteous to other road-users will make you feel good, we promise. It’ll help to remind you, and others, that we all share the roads and that, by working together, we can keep them safe and efficient.

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