80% Of Car Sales In Norway Are Now Electric

Whilst the UK struggles with the EV transition, Norway has reached the milestone of four in five car sales being electric…

An Electrified Norway

The UK is, regrettably, struggling somewhat in its transition towards electric motoring. Take-up of EVs is improving, but not as quickly as in other European countries. There are also serious concerns over the availability of charging infrastructure. Indeed, the Christmas period saw some drivers queue for up to three hours in order to charge their vehicles. The situation in Norway, however, is rather different; and the country may offer lessons for decision-makers in the UK.

In the Scandinavian nation, 80% of new cars sales now consist of EVs. The Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) noted that 138,265 electric cars (79.3%) were sold in the country throughout 2022 – a new record. This rose from the 64.5% achieved in the previous year. For perspective, the European average currently sits at 8.6% of new car registrations.

Overall, Norway intends for all new cars sales to be ‘zero-emission’ by 2025; meaning that they’ll need to exclusively consist of EVs or, more uncommonly, hydrogen models. The ambitious target has nearly been reached thanks to extensive government initiatives. Some of these have included grants, tax cuts, discounted parking and the right to use bus lanes in order to beat traffic. Norwegian EV drivers have even received cheaper ferry trips across the nation’s many fjords.

Reaching Climate Goals 

Christina Bu, Secretary General of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, commented on the rise of EVs in the country. She said, “eight out of 10 people choosing fully electric instead of combustion engines is a considerable step towards Norway reaching its climate goal of 100% BEV sales in 2025”.

She continued, “our message to the rest of the world is crystal clear: Now there is no excuse for the internal combustion engines’ unnecessary pollution when the climate crisis is so urgent to solve”.

As it stands, just 2 – 3% of vehicles in the UK are electric. Things could change quickly, however. 250,000 EVs were registered in the UK in 2022 alone which, overall, represents 25% of the total. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether a British government will implement incentives similar to those in Norway; or whether they’ll be needed to drive electrification.

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