A Fear of Garages Is Making Brits Too Scared To Get Their Cars Serviced

Millions of drivers are avoiding getting their vehicles serviced for fear of unexpected, and expensive, problems being discovered. That’s according to new research…

Widespread Worry

Nearly half of British drivers (47%) worry about having to fork out cash for unexpected car repairs. Just shy of a quarter (24%) of the motorists claimed that these worries put them off getting their cars serviced. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 motorists conducted by RAC MOT Assist. Their research also discovered that motorists are paying hundreds of pounds to pass their MOT; with 5% paying £1,000 or more in order to get a pass. As a result, there are serious concerns that there a millions of vehicles on the nation’s roads that simply aren’t fit to be driven. Around 50% of all faults found during the MOT can be avoided by straightforward and regular maintenance. This is significant given that 40% of cars fail their first MOT.

Lauren French, product manager at RAC MOT Assist, emphasised with drivers for feeling nervous before their MOT. She said, “clearly, taking a car in for a service or MOT can be a nerve-wracking experience with many drivers concerned about what might be uncovered, and the unpleasant financial consequences that can result”. However, she expressed alarm at the prospect of people avoiding their services in the long-term. She explained, “but it’s even more alarming that this experience is enough to put some people off getting their car serviced in the future. Just how many people are driving vehicles on the UK’s roads that they know have problems? The best advice to any driver is to keep on top of servicing and maintenance work – the quicker problems are identified, often the cheaper they are to remedy”.

Keeping Costs Down

Cars, as expensive as they can be, are vital (at least for many millions of us). In fact, they’re likely the second most expensive purchase we’ll ever make after a mortgage or property. But neglecting servicing just delays expense, often made far greater, until later down the line. It makes far more financial sense to fork out a little bit on servicing and maintenance on a regular basis; rather than forking out eye-watering amounts at the worst possible time. Learning how to carry out some basic checks and changes to your vehicle, as well as finding a professional and friendly garage, can take the nerves out of the servicing process. In the long-term, that means less stress, less risk whilst out on the road and safer motoring for all. What’s not to love?

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