A Frantic Friday Is Due To Cause Huge Traffic Over The Weekend

Drivers are being warned to expect a ‘frantic Friday’ this week, with traffic soaring as schools close for the summer holiday…

Frantic Friday Traffic

The RAC believes that there will be 19 million car trips over the coming weekend; producing an enormous amount of traffic and congestion. It’s the highest prediction from the motoring organisation since 2014. It’s thought that 4.62 million trips will be made on the Saturday. In addition, 4.29 million are likely to take place on both the Friday and the Saturday. A further 5.61 million journeys will likely take place, but those involved are likely to have not decided upon their days of travel.

The transport firm INRIX has identified a number of traffic hotspots that are likely to emerge of the weekend. These include the likes of the M23 to the M40, Maple Cross to the M3, and the M25 in general; especially between Bromley and the Dartford Crossing.

Large Amount of Breakdowns 

Rod Dennis, spokesman for the RAC, commented on the large amounts of expected traffic. He said, “with millions of people ready for a well-earned break, we anticipate a frantic Friday followed by a woeful weekend on major roads across the country, with traffic and congestion likely peaking on Saturday”. He added, “leave as early as you can in the morning or expect to be sat in some lengthy queues”.

In addition, Dennis emphasised the number of breakdowns that are likely to occur over the weekend – stressing that many are avoidable. He said, “it’s a fact that a huge proportion of the estimated 300,000 breakdowns our patrols will attend in the coming six weeks are avoidable if drivers make sure they look over their vehicles before any long drive. breakdown is so much less likely if a vehicle’s oil and coolant levels, as well as tyre pressure and tread depth, have all been checked before setting out”.

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