A Majority Of Over 70s Are Renewing Their Driving Licenses Online

According to the DVLA, a significant majority of drivers aged over 70 are now choosing to renew their driving licenses online…

Renewing Online 

Nearly two-thirds of drivers aged above 70 are opting to renew their driving licenses online. There’s also been a 41% increase in the number of drivers aged over 90 using the method. As it stands, once a driver reaches 70, they must renew their driving licences every three years. 2020 was the first year in which more than 50% of people aged 70 or above made a renewal online.

That the process has been made relatively straightforward has clearly had an impact. One driver, leaving feedback on the DVLA’s website, said “decided to apply online. Not being great on the computer, I found the process easy to follow and execute”. Another driver had a similar experience, “no complications in completing the application, and the new licence arrived within a few days”.

Overall, nearly 820,000 drivers aged 70-79 used the online method last year. There were 10,000 drivers aged 90 – 99 that did the same. In addition, there were also 71 motorists aged 100-plus using the method; up from 25 in 2016.

A Straightforward Process 

Baroness Vere, the roads minister, welcomed the new trend. She said, “the sharp increase in online renewals since 2016 is testament to how quick and easy this process is”.

Julie Lennard, DVLA chief executive, said renewing a driving license online was always going to be the quickest method. She said it “will always be the quickest and simplest way to renew a driving licence – whatever your age”. She added, “with more and more licence holders aged 70 and over choosing to renew online, these figures demonstrate just how convenient our online service is”.

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