Alfa Romeo Is Offering Job-Loss Protected Finance On New Cars

Alfa Romeo is now offering job-loss protection with its leasing and finance deals on new cars. It’s meant to inspire confidence in light of the coroanvirus pandemic…

Alfa Romeo And Job-Loss Protection

What’s holding you back from getting a new car? For many people, it’s the economic and financial uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In which case, Alfa Romeo’s latest offer makes perfect sense. It’s including ‘job-loss protection’ with its leasing and finance deals, at least when they concern new cars. A free addition to any deal, it covers involuntary job loss, not to mention being unable to work due to illness.¬† There are some conditions though. It needs to be activated within the first twelve months of the deal and wavers payments for up to seven months. Still, that’s an impressive amount of protection that’s bound to be appreciated in times such as this. All new Alfa Romeo cars leased or financed until the end of September will be included in the deal.

Others Brands Are Included 

If Alfa Romeo isn’t really your style, rest easy. The offer is also applicable to other brands owned by the FCA Group, including Abarth, Jeep and Fiat. The decision to offer a job-loss clause is probably due to the company’s broader research. A survey of 2,000 drivers discovered that 31% of the respondents wanted to buy a new car; but were concerned about their job security. One in five said the coroanvirus pandemic had prevented them from purchasing a car.

Arnaud Leclerc, managing director for FCA UK and Ireland, explained the background of the job-loss offer. He said, “we know these are uncertain times, so what better way to support our customers than to give them the reassurance that should their financial circumstances change in the months ahead, we will be there to cover their monthly car repayments”. As it stands, Alfa Romeo has recently overhauled its flagship Giulia Quadrifoglio model; providing it with new colours and a larger infotainment system. It’ll also be releasing its new Tonale SUV model later than year.

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