All The Bad Habits That Are Prematurely Aging Your Car

Modern cars are durable things but the way we drive and treat them can have a big impact. Here are the bad habits that can prematurely age your vehicle…

Riding the Clutch

Keeping your foot on the clutch, needlessly, is a sure way of prematurely wearing it out. Even a tiny amount of pressure will start to disengage it, so keep your foot away when you’re not changing gears.

Not Driving Enough

Clocking up excessive miles can naturally increase the amount of wear and tear your car faces. However, failing to use it consistently can have a similar effect. Leaving your car idle for weeks and months can seriously damage its parts and components. For instance, seals can dry out which can lead to leaks; water might also eventually get in, too.

Going Through Deep Water

Driving through large bodies of water is a sure way of ruining your car’s engine; which means you could have a four-digit repair bill. Even if you drive a vehicle that’s raised high off of the ground (such as an SUV), avoid deep water – most cars simply can’t handle it.


Some would argue that, as far as habits go, smoking is a bad one in general. But smoking in your car’s interior is a major mistake. Doing it regularly will irreversibly stain a car’s interior, as well as producing an odour that’s extremely difficult to remove; as you might expect, this often significantly devalues a car.

Neglecting Maintenance 

Neglecting your car’s servicing and maintenance simply opens the door to major problems emerging sooner or later. Rather than being addressed whilst they’re relatively minor, they’ll get worse and worse; meaning that, when you have no choice but to visit a garage, you’ll face a hefty repair bill.

Needless Weight

Keeping your car light will help reduce wear and tear, especially when it comes to tyres and suspension systems. Try to remove anything that you don’t need to use on a regular basis, especially if they’re heavy.

Hitting Potholes 

Britain’s roads are plagued by potholes. Indeed, the total cost of repairing the network is now thought to sit at around £13 billion! Potholes can wreak havoc on tyres, suspensions, wheels and braking systems. Try to keep your eyes open and avoid then when it’s safe to do so.

Neglecting Cleaning 

Modern cars are pretty rust resistant and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Still, you should try to keep your car clean. This will help to protect the paintwork and surfaces from scratches, stains and rust.

Ignoring Warning Lights

If Brits have bad driving habits, this is one of the worst. Warning lights, without exception, should be investigated ASAP. They typically depict serious faults or problems, so ignoring them can make things worse. Indeed, your car may be unsafe to drive in some situations.

Cheap Parts 

Car parts can be expensive, there’s no denying it. But investing in second-hand or cheap parts is, essentially, a false economy. They’re often inefficient or prematurely wear out – meaning you’re simply wasting money and aging your vehicle.

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