Average Mileage In UK Increases Chances Of Obesity

New data has revealed that average mileages in the UK are actually increasing people’s chances of obesity…

Average Mileage Increases Obesity Risk

On average, a typical driver in the UK is covering 7,400 miles a year. That’s the equivalent of around 22 minutes a day. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s actually increasing people’s chances of suffering from obesity by 15%. That’s according to new research conducted by Select Car Leasing. The company’s also discovered that drivers were also facing a one-in-twenty chance of experiencing sleep deprivation; a product of being behind for the wheel for prolonged periods of time.

The risks are significantly higher for drivers who cover 12,000 miles a year. They’re 30% more likely to suffer from obesity. In addition, they’re more likely to experience stress and to be held back from social activities due to the state of their health.


Dr Deborah Lee, from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, commented on the risks posed by average mileages. She said, “I find these Driver Health Calculator statistics quite alarming. Many of us spend at least half an hour a day behind the wheel, which equates to a mileage of around 10,000 miles a year”.

She added, “however, many people have a much higher annual mileage, especially those who drive for a living, such as lorry drivers, taxi drivers, and delivery drivers. Yet, most drivers will be totally unaware of the additional health risks of these prolonged journeys”.

In order to mitigate the effects of driving, Select Car Leasing has offered drivers some tips. It’s suggested listening to podcasts to boost one’s mood, using a lumbar support and parking further away from work in order to get some walking into one’s routine.

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