Bank Holiday: 18 MILLION Drivers To Take To The Roads

If you’re planning on driving this coming Bank Holiday, you might want to set out a bit earlier. The RAC estimates 18 million drivers will be taking to the roads…

Bank Holiday Chaos 

There will be an incredible 18 million cars on the nation’s road network this Bank Holiday; 1.8 million more than last year, as Brits yearn for post-lockdown ‘staycations’. As a consequence, the RAC is warning motorists to anticipate gridlocks on some of the most popular routes. Friday will be the busiest day, with an estimated 5.6 million trips being planned. There will be 4.7 million trips on the Saturday and 4.4 million on the Monday. Sunday will be a tad quieter, with 3.7 million leisure journeys being made.

Rod Dennis, RAC Breakdown spokesperson, commented on the projections. He said, “our research indicates that millions of us are still desperate to eke out the last of the summer and enjoy time away, whether that’s a day trip to see friends or family or a long weekend in a caravan or camping”. He added, “in fact, it may even turn out to be busier on the roads than last year with many more people returning home this weekend after a staycation. Both official Government statistics and our own data from insurance customers show that weekend traffic is now back to pre-lockdown levels”.

A Spike In Breakdowns 

To make matters worse, the Bank Holiday is expected to coincide with a spike in the number of breakdowns. Late August is usually a busy time for the RAC and other recovery companies. This is due to the number of holidays, or ‘staycations’, that are typically taken. Some 45 million day trips have already been taken this month and 28% of drivers have said they’re going on more this year than the last.

Nevertheless, a few maintenance checks can help prevent a breakdown from ruining your holiday or mini-break. Drivers should inspect their tyres for wear and ensure that they have the correct air pressures. Fluids should be topped up (especially oil) and windscreen wipers inspected for effectiveness. It’s also worth making sure your air conditioning is up to the job; if not, lengthy journeys could be rather unpleasant – especially if you end up in heavy traffic. Finally, it never hurts to ensure you keep some water, food and waterproof clothing in your car should you end up getting stranded.

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