Britain’s Most Active Speed Camera Found To Be Faulty

Britain’s most prolific speed camera, which has raked in millions in fines, has been found to be faulty…

Most Active Speed Camera Was Faulty 

A speed camera that managed to rake in £5 million in fines between 2015 and 2017 has been found to have been faulty. The most prolific in the country, the camera is located  on Southampton’s Maybray King Way. It supposedly caught a whopping 51,000 motorists breaking the local 30mph limit. For perspective, the second most ‘effective’ camera caught 38,000 offenders. At one point, the Southampton-based camera was catching 70 offenders day, 320 a week, with each being landed with a minimum fine of £100.

Now, however, Hampshire Police have acknowledged that the camera possessed a significant fault; causing it to incorrectly flash vehicles with a ‘high flat rear’. In other words, it was targeting innocent drivers of SUVs, vans or people transporting motorhomes and other larger vehicles. Some of the affected drivers are now looking to receive compensation.


Simon Williams, a road safety spokesman for the RAC, commented on the situation, He said, “it’s worrying to think just how many motorists have wrongly been prosecuted as a result of the issue with this camera”. He added, “as well as paying fines they shouldn’t have had to, some drivers will no doubt have suffered very negative consequences from having points added to their licenses. Anyone falsely caught should have both their fine and any points revoked”.

Drivers looking for compensation may have a challenge on their hands. Without some tangible proof of compliance with the speed limit, it’s their word against the local council and police force. It’s extremely unlikely a general refund, after all, will be issued. For drivers who received points, attended safety courses or forked out money on fines, their anger is perhaps understandable regardless.

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