British Drivers Lack Confidence In Stormy Weather

2020 is already set to be a stormy one, seeing Britain struck by storms Ciara and Dennis. But new research has revealed that drivers simply aren’t prepared for stormy weather…

Weathering The Storm 

A study conducted by Young Driver has found that one in five drivers have no experience of driving in stormy weather. Another fifth of them stated that they didn’t enjoy driving in the rain. Worryingly, nearly half of the respondents (46%) said they felt unprepared for snow and ice. In poor weather conditions, experience goes a long way. Which is probably why drivers aged between 25 and 34 are the most confident. Conversely, drivers aged between 18 and 24 are the least confident.

Sue Waterfield, head of marketing at Young Driver, has emphasised the importance of avoiding the roads when conditions are too poor. She said, “obviously when conditions are as bad as we have seen in the last week, the advice is not to travel unless absolutely necessary”. Nevertheless, she called for greater experience with, and awareness of, poor weather conditions. She said, “but living in the UK we often have rain or frost over the winter months and motorists do need to be confident that they know how to handle their vehicle if they’re driving in those situations”.

Driving In Stormy Weather

Every storm is different and entails different driving conditions. But a little bit of knowledge can inspire a lot of confidence. As Waterfield stressed, sometimes the best course of action is simply to avoid driving altogether. Each driver should know their own ability and, should a storm be due, plan their journeys around it. No trip is worth exposing yourself, and others, to danger. That said, some trips are unavoidable and we shouldn’t allow some poor conditions to ground us. Here’s a few things to bear in mind when driving during stormy weather…

A Few Safety Tips

Check Your Speed: The faster you drive, the harder it’ll be to control your vehicle if you get caught in cross winds. Drive slower than you usually would, especially when crossing paths with a larger vehicle or the likes of a towed caravan.

Keep Your Distance: It goes without saying, but always keep your distance from other vehicles during a storm. You can easily and suddenly be moved by wind, so ensure you’ve got plenty of space to manoeuvre and avoid a collision.

Avoid Towing: You should never tow in a storm, whether it’s a caravan, trailer or anything in between. They can easily cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Remove Roof Racks: Leaving things atop of your car during a storm makes it much more susceptible to strong winds,

Expect Rain: What’s a storm without rain? Put your headlights on and ensure your windscreen wipers are up to the job before setting out on your journey.

Stay Away From Trees: Almost every time there’s a significant storm in this country a number of cars are struck, or crushed, by trees. Don’t park next to them when there’s a storm raging.

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