Brits To Drive Hundreds Of Miles For Staycations This Summer

Brits are expected to drive hundreds of miles more than usual, in order to reach staycation destinations this summer…

Going the Distance for Staycations 

British drivers will cover 212 miles more, on average, this summer; as millions opt for staycations this year, rather than going abroad. Overall, a third of the nation’s motorists are planning on driving further afield than they usually would. This is largely because of lingering international travel restrictions.

The findings, discovered by a 2,000-strong survey conducted by Euro Car Parts, also discovered that a third of us are willing to spend more than usual on our staycations. Just over a quarter, 27%, are also planning on visiting different parts of the country as a part of multiple staycations. Less in one in ten of the respondents said they plan to stay closer to home this summer. In addition, just 11% said they planned on visiting their typical holiday destinations.

Drivers of hybrid and electric vehicles intend to cover the most miles. Hybrid owners plan on covering 268 miles more than usual. For drivers of pure-electrics, the figure sits at 225 extra miles.

Seeing what the UK has to Offer

Undeterred by the travel restrictions, most Brits seem reasonably content with the idea of exploring holiday destinations in the UK. Helen Robinson, corporate communications director at Euro Car Parts, said, “with international travel likely to be off the table for many families, more and more people are looking to explore the amazing holiday destinations that the UK has to offer, and from our research it’s clear that Brits are far more willing to look at destinations in Britain that are further afield for their getaways”.

Simon Williams, speaking for the RAC, has warned drivers to check their vehicles before setting off on lengthy staycation trips. He said, “if traffic volumes really do swell this summer, it could turn out to be more important than ever that drivers check their vehicles before setting out to avoid a breakdown at the roadside”. He added, “for those who do end up needing help at the roadside, our expert local patrols will be on hand to pick up the pieces and get the holiday back on track as quickly as possible”.

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