Burning Through Your Tyres? Here’s How To Make Them Last Longer

Tyres are expensive, which is why it makes sense to make them last longer (without comprising on safety). Here’s how…

Don’t Go for Cheap or Used Tyres

Trying to save money by purchasing cheap or used tyres is simply a matter of false economy. Cheap tyres, as you’d probably expect, aren’t well-made. As a consequence, they’ll wear out at a faster rate. Used tyres, as the name suggests, have already been subjected to wear and tear; so much so that the previous owner no longer deemed them safe or suitable.

New, quality tyres can be pricy at the point of purchase. But, in the long-term, they’ll produce meaningful savings.

Check Air Pressures

Tyres with incorrect air pressures, whether too much or too little, will prematurely wear out. Which is why you should try to check on them once a fortnight or so. You’ll find the manufacturer’s recommended pressures in your owner’s manual.

Avoid Potholes and Rough Terrain

Britain’s roads are riddled with potholes; so much so that it’ll cost billions upon billions to repair them. Unfortunately, this means that many motorists will find their vehicles subjected to poor road conditions; ravaging their cars’ parts and components. Tyres will face the brunt of any impact with a pothole, so try to avoid them if you can. Moreover, avoid rough terrain and off-road conditions if you don’t have a suitable vehicle.

Keep Things Light

The heavier your vehicle is, the more strain will be placed upon your tyres. Which is why you should try to keep your vehicle as light as possible. Remove any excess weight, such as tools or sports equipment, when you don’t need it. Roof or bike racks can also add a lot of weight – so remove them once your holiday or road trip is over.

Drive Smoothly 

Driving smoothly is probably the best way to make your vehicle’s tyres last longer. Excessive speeds, aggressive acceleration and harsh braking will all contribute to wearing them out. If you keep things smooth and gentle, you’ll have a good amount of tread depth for longer periods of time.

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