Car Depreciation: Here’s How You’re Lowering The Value Of Your Car

Nearly all cars suffer from depreciation and the process starts as soon as they’re purchased. But a few bad habits can actually speed the process up…

Using Cheap Parts and Components

Generally, people looking to buy a used car will want a clear history of the vehicle’s past. That means the nature and quality of any parts or components that have needed to be replaced. If you’ve opted for less than quality options, such as parts not sanctioned by a manufacturer, it’ll act as a red flag for some buyers; depreciating the value of your car.

Smoking in your Vehicle

It might not seem like it, but smoking inside of your car can be a major source of depreciation. The odour can embed itself within a car’s interior, and it’s nearly impossible to remove without professional equipment. The smoke can also cause stains, which can be extremely difficult to remove. Smoking in your car can, quite literally, cost you thousands of pounds.

Skipping Maintenance and Servicing

Neglecting your car’s maintenance and servicing is sure way of letting serious problems emerge, and worsen, over time. Those faults will be costly to repair and, for a potential buyer, a real deterrent if left unaddressed.

Driving When you Don’t Need to 

As a general rule, the more miles you cover in a vehicle the more it’ll experience depreciation. Why? Because the more you’ve driven a car the more likely it is to face wear and tear. If you want to preserve your vehicle’s value, avoid driving it when walking or public transport will do.

Choosing an Unpopular Colour

Black, gray, white, these are standard and inoffensive colours for most British motorists. However, the likes of yellow and orange are niche. If you purchase a car with an unusual colour, or paint a car in an unusual colour, you’ll significantly affect its value. There are simply a lot more people who want to drive a black vehicle than there are who want to drive a florescent yellow one.

Travelling with Pets 

Much like cigarettes, odours created by pets can linger and prove difficult to get rid of. Loose hairs and fur can also get stuck in a car’s upholstery, which requires a thorough clean to remove. Bear these things in mind if you want to avoid rapid depreciation in your car’s value.

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