Car Faults: Five Of The Most Common And How To Spot Them

All sorts of things can go wrong with a car, but some car faults are much more common than others. Here’s what to watch out for…


Most drivers will face a problem with their car’s battery sooner or late. The most common problem is that they simply go flat; especially in the colder months of the year. A major source of trouble stems from the fact that our cars are packed with gadgets and gizmos – like phones and sat navs. This drains batteries of their power much faster. Using these things whilst your car is stationary, or just with the ignition on, makes things even worse. If your car won’t start, or struggles when you switch the ignition, your car’s battery should be your first port of call.


According to various surveys, including one from Which?, problems with exhausts and emission control systems are becoming more and more frequent. As the name implies, the purpose of these is to reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced by cars. A clear sign of there being a problem is if your vehicle misfires. If this happens, your car will feel like it’s shuddering. You might also notice dark smoke coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust and your engine may feel as though it’s losing power. An orange warning light might also appear on your car’s dash.


Your car’s suspension helps it keep a safe, and ultimately comfortable, hold of road surfaces. They use an elaborate series of arms, struts and gears in order to function properly. Whilst they’re typically durable, an ever rising number of potholes and deteriorating roads are placing increasing pressure on them. If something’s wrong with yours, you’re likely to notice unusual noises coming from beneath the vehicle. Furthermore, your car will likely be bottoming out when you traverse speed bumps. Most obviously, one corner of your car might be sitting low and, like problems with brakes, it might pull to one side whilst being driven.


Of all of your car’s various parts and components, none are as important as the brakes. Which means, as far as car faults go, those that concern your braking system are serious business. Your brakes can face all sorts of mechanical faults, including fluid leaks, sticking, warping and getting air stuck in their hydraulics. If there is a fault, one of the first things you’re likely to notice is a distinctive grinding sound. In addition, it’s likely that the car will pull to one side when you apply the brake. If all else fails, your car should notify you via a red warning light.


Your car’s tyres are the only things that come in contact with the road. So, as you can imagine, they’re rather important. Unfortunately, they can experience all sorts of problems due to the wear and tear they naturally face; ranging from a lack of sufficient tread, sidewall damage and bulges. A clear sign that something’s wrong is excessive vibrating. Your tyres will vibrate when they’re excessively worn, there’s something wrong with their shock absorbers or when there’s something off with their alignment. In other words, it’s a major red flag. You might also hear humming or even squeaking. Visually speaking, problems often take the form of tears and bulges; which is why tyre inspections are so important.

It’s also possible that your car will be feel slippy and that it struggles to gain traction. In which case, your tread depth is insufficient. The legal minimum is 1.6mm, but 3mm is recommended. You can use a twenty pence coin to check if your tyres are legal. Simply place the coin in one of the tyre’s grooves and see if the outer ring is visible or not. If it isn’t, you’re legal.

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