Car Insurance: Eight Ways To Slash Your Premium

Car insurance is expensive, with the average Brit forking out £485 on it annually. But many of us are wasting money because of inapprorpriate providers and policies. Here’s five ways you can save money…

Always Pay Annually

Paying annually will nearly always be cheaper than paying monthly.Whilst this isn’t an option for everyone, making a few savings and planning for the expense can save you money in the long-term.

Nurture Your No-Claims

It goes without saying, but the best way of attracting the best premiums is by demonstrating to providers that you’re a safe and responsible driver. Drive carefully and avoid any claims to get the cheapest rates going.

Book An Advanced Driving Course

Car insurance providers don’t want to insure just anyone, they want drivers who are unlikely (or at least less likely) to make a claim. Taking an advanced driving course demonstrates initiative and that you take road safety seriously. Most providers will offer reduced rates if you take an advanced driving course.

Get A Black Box Installed

Black box technology is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst it used to be the favoured way of reducing premiums for new drivers, they’ve now gained traction amongst older and more experienced motorists, too. They basically provide your provider with information about your acceleration, braking and sometimes speed. This means they can raise or lower your premium based on how you’re behaving on the road.

Make Sure To Shop Around

Many consumers simply opt for the first option they come across, largely out of convenience. But there are hundreds of car insurance providers to choose from. Taking your time and researching a few will ensure you’re getting a competitive rate and the coverage you need.

Place A Limit On Your Mileage

Fewer miles spent behind the wheel means (in theory) fewer opportunities for crashes, scrapes and dents i.e. less chance of making a claim. There’s no point paying for mileage you’re never going to use. If you’re using your car for little journeys to the shop and school runs make sure your insurance policy reflects that.

Never Modify Your Car

Other than making at-fault claims, modifying your car is the best way to raise your premium. Modified cars can be expensive to repair and maintain and insurance providers know it. Modified cars are also prime targets for car thieves.

Drive A ‘Safe’ Car

A driver of a BMW is more likely to have a crash than someone in a Nissan Micra. Fact. Cars with extra safety features and weaker engines are less of a liability and, in demographic terms, usually means they’re being driven by less risky motorists. If you want to keep costs down, go for a safe car.

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