Car Insurance: Five Ways To Save Money On Your Policy

The average price of car insurance has recently risen by 7.6%. Fortunately, there’s a few ways you can save money on your policy…

Consider a Black Box

So, think you’re a good driver? Prove it, then. Historically black box technology was reserved for the likes of young or new drivers. Nowadays, however, an increasing number of car insurance providers are offering them across the board. They work by monitoring your driving style. Some simply look for sudden movements, whilst some may factor in speed. Sure, they can feel a little invasive; but if you drive safely, and smoothly, you could save a healthy sum of money in the long-term.

Choose an Appropriate Vehicle

When it comes to choosing your first, or next, vehicle think carefully about the process. As a general rule, the more powerful a car’s engine is the more you’ll pay out for car insurance. Younger drivers are especially likely to be penalised on this front. If you just need something to get around town, get yourself a small city car. If you’re driving long-distances, prioritise fuel economy over horsepower. Your wallet with thank you for it.

Drive Safely

Car insurance works best when you simply don’t make use of it. Protecting your no-claims bonus should be an ongoing priority. The absolute best way to do this is to drive safely and to obey the rules of the Highway Code. Why? Because it’ll minimise your risk of experiencing an accident or collision; meaning you won’t need to make a claim.

Think About Where You Live

A potentially, long, long-term approach to be sure. But where you live can have a big impact on the cost of your car insurance policy. Why? Because some areas are much more dangerous than others in terms of road safety. Moreover, some areas have more car-related crime than others. These things are almost always factored in by insurance companies when they provide you with a quote.

Be Proudly Disloyal 

Historically, sticking with the same car insurance provider would see people hit with a ‘loyalty tax’. Essentially, providers would quietly raise prices for pre-existing customers; taking advantage of their seeming idleness. Whilst this practice has (finally) been banned, it still makes sense to shop around. Whenever your insurance is due for renewal, you should try to get at least three new quotes from different providers. This is the single best way to make a significant saving.

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