Car Insurance: The Most Expensive And Cheapest Job Titles

The chances are, you’re not thinking about car insurance much lately. But once the coronavirus pandemic subsides, you’ll probably want to pay attention to recent research conducted by Vanarama. They’ve shed light on which job titles attract the most expensive, and cheapest, car insurance premiums…

Car Insurance And Job Titles

When you purchase a new car insurance policy, you’ll be asked to provide your job title. Many motorists overlook just how much of impact this can have on the price of their premium. Insurance providers regard some professions as being significantly more risky than others. Sometimes, this is because a given profession might expose a driver to danger and increased opportunities for a crash. Sometimes, quite unfairly, they simply regard some professions as being more responsible. In fact, they place so much stock in job titles that they can render the difference between the cheapest and most expensive policy as much as £200.

Data provided by the BBC, Statista and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the average motorist in the UK is 38, drives a Volkswagen Golf, travels 7,600 miles a year on average and has no previous accidents to their name. Using this information, researchers at Vanarama used a price comparison website to analyse 100 different occupations. The only variable included was the job title. Surprisingly, car-based jobs represent the cheapest and the most expensive policies. Professional drivers averaged a quote of £479.80 whilst a mechanic typically pays just £298.61. It’s worth considering that there are a range of others variables, however, including postcode and where a vehicle is parked at night. Ultimately, the research found that desk-based jobs end up with the cheapest premiums. Meanwhile, drivers in the hospitality and public sectors fork out the most on their insurance.

The Cheapest And Most Expensive Titles

Here are the cheapest and most expensive job titles when it comes to insuring a car. Its good news for the nation’s mechanics and terrible news for the nation’s drivers. Precisely why chefs come out so poorly, however, is anyone’s guess. Is it the stress of the kitchen, or does someone in the insurance industry have a grudge? What are your theories?

Ranking  Job title Annual insurance cost
1.  Mechanic £298.61
2.  Administrator £308.44
3.  Designer £312.91
4.  Design engineer £312.91
5.  Account executive £313.37
6.  Commercial manager £313.63
7.  Estimator £313.75
8.  Engineer £314.95
9.  Account manager £315.29
10.  Financial analyst £315.75


Ranking  Job title Annual insurance cost
1.  Driver £479.80
2.  Chef £420.73
3.  Hairdresser £383.62
4.  Bar staff £381.69
5.  Fitness instructor £381.15
6.  Physiotherapist £380.88
7.  Social worker £372.87
8.  Travel agent £372.72
9.  Midwife £366.19
10.  Pharmacist £364.59


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