Car Insurance: These Are The Most Expensive Cities In The UK

Depending on where you live, you could be paying substantially more (or less) on your car insurance. These are the most expensive cities in the UK when it comes to insuring your vehicle…

The Most Expensive Cities 

New research has shed light on which British cities are the most expensive in terms of car insurance. Conducted by, it revealed that Liverpool is the most expensive. On average, motorists there fork out £884.51 for their coverage; meaning it’s more expensive there than London. According to the compiled data, larger English cities are the most expensive overall. That’s not too surprising, given the larger populations, tendency towards congestion and often difficult to navigate roads. So it should be no surprise, then, that Manchester and Birmingham take second and third place in terms of overall cost. What’s most surprising is that London didn’t end up in the top three places. After all, the city is notorious for its cost of living. But drivers, on average, pay £725.60 for their car insurance. For perspective, that puts it in fifth place between the likes of Bradford (£736.77) and Sheffield (£713.03). Precisely why this is the case isn’t clear.

There’s good news for drivers in Scotland. Scottish cities actually account for six of the top ten cheapest cities for car insurance. Aberdeen is the cheapest, as the average premium is just £309.14 a year. It’s followed by other Scottish cities like Perth, Inverness, Dundee and Sterling.

Location Is Crucial 

Jessica Potts, speaking for, stressed the importance of location when it comes to car insurance. She said, “location is one of the most important factors determining car insurance costs. The majority of claims occur within just five miles of the driver’s home, so residing in areas with higher theft and accident rates impacts premiums”. She added, “while the research shows what a typical driver in these locations can expect to pay, it doesn’t cover every eventuality. Some may find their circumstances produce different results. The study does give us an intriguing insight into the regional difference across the UK – it is certainly good news for some”.

The Cheapest Cities

  1. Aberdeen: £309.14
  2. Perth: £324.64
  3. Truro: £325.20
  4. Inverness: £339.42
  5. Winchester: £347.10
  6. Swansea: £347.59
  7. Dundee: £354.28
  8. Hereford: £360.00
  9. Stirling: £373.52
  10. Edinburgh: £374.83

The Most Expensive Cities 

  1. Liverpool: £884.51
  2. Manchester: £848.97
  3. Birmingham: £738.67
  4. Bradford: £736.77
  5. London: £725.60
  6. Sheffield: £713.03
  7. Nottingham: £709.44
  8. Salford: £708.68
  9. Belfast: £699.13
  10. Preston: £640.16

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