Car Maintenance: What You Should Be Checking This Winter

With winter being only a few weeks away, it’s a good time to familiarise yourself with all of the car checks you should be making during the colder months…

Check your Car’s Lights

You need good visibility when driving in the winter, due to darker mornings and nights. It’s equally important that you’re visible to other road-users. Test all of your car’s lights. Are they functioning properly, are they sufficiently bright and is there any sign of damage? You should also regularly give them a good clean, so that dirt and grime doesn’t affect their luminosity.

Keep Fluids at the Right Levels

You should be inspecting your car’s fluid levels as vital form of maintenance in every season. Cold cars can leak oil, so make sure you have the right amount and that it’s not draining too quickly. According to the RAC, a third of all of the callouts it receives involve cars with low oil levels. You’ll also want to check that your car has enough antifreeze; this prevents the water from freezing in your car’s engine system.

Keeping Testing the Battery

Winter weather can have a major impact on your car’s battery. Indeed, breakdown companies receive a surge of callouts in the cooler months due to battery failures. You should aim to change your car’s battery every three years or so. A classic sign of battery failure is when your car takes longer to start when you switch on the ignition.

Regularly Inspect your Tyres

Snow, ice and rain can all leave roads slippery and perilous. Which is why it’s so important that your car’s tyres are up to the task. Make sure that they have the right air pressures, which should be documented in your driver’s manual; make sure they’re not over, or under, inflated. You’ll also need to test your tread depth. You’ll need a minimum of 1.6mm to drive legally, but it’s advisable to have 3mm.

Test the Windscreen Wipers

You really, really don’t want to lose your visibility on perilous, snow-clad roads. Make sure that your windscreen wipers are effectively cleaning away debris and rain. If they’re getting old, they’ll smear things instead of removing them. Make sure they move properly, too.

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