Car Repairs: These Are The Five Most Expensive You Can Face

Car repairs can be expensive business. But neglecting your motor can lead to even pricier repairs. Here are the top five most expensive…

ECU Replacement

Average Cost: £1,200 (90% parts, 10% labour)

Here’s one of those car repairs you’ve probably never even considered. Engine control units (ECUs) make sure that a car’s engine works at optimal performance. It does this by constantly reading data and adjusting the engine’s actuators appropriately. Replacing one isn’t technically challenging, but as with most computing technology they’re expensive. Thanks to a lack of moving parts, they tend to last a long time. There’s not a lot you can do to prevent yours failing, just hope that the manufacturer didn’t cut corners!

Fuel Injector Replacement 

Average Cost: £1,060 (90% parts, 1o% labour)

The benefits of fuel injectors are substantial. They include the likes of more consistent and smoother throttle response, better fuel efficiency and quicker cold starting. In other words, they changed the game. Whilst they look like novel syringes, they’re actually highly complex. This is why, in the unlikely event yours fails, you’ll be coughing up a lot of cash.

Catalytic Converter Replacement 

Average Cost: £2,200 (85% parts, 15% labour)

Catalytic converters work by reducing the pollutants and toxic gases released by internal combustion engines. As you can imagine, they’ve become increasingly prevalent in an increasingly environmentally-minded age. Unfortunately, this comes at a price; a very substantial one if you manage to damage it. They’re also often made with aluminium, making them prime targets for thieves. The good news is that, in most cases, they’ll last for the duration of a car’s life. Which is good news, as they’re the most expensive of car repairs.

Clutch Assembly Replacement

Average Cost: £1,200 (55% parts, 45% labour)

There are few parts of a car that receive so much wear and tear as the clutch system. Even a safe and smooth driver will inevitably wear there’s out over time. When they do, you can expect a pretty substantial repair fee. A significant amount of the cost is a result of the associated labour; so if you can safely do it yourself, it’s worth doing. To get more value out of your clutch, don’t ‘ride’ it and by driving more gently.

Alternator Replacement

Average Cost: £1,140 (85% parts, 15% labour)

If your alternator fails, you’ll know about it; the entire electrical system will stop working. Because of the constant movement, friction and heat, they inevitably wear out. Depending on the model and quality of the car, a typical alternator will last anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. When it does fail, you’ll be faced with one of the most expensive car repairs. Doing it yourself won’t save you much, either.

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