Car Security: How To Protect Your Vehicle

Car thefts and vandalism are rife in the UK. In which case, it makes sense to take precautions. Here’s how…

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of securing your vehicle. They’re highly visible, meaning that car thieves will be immediately discouraged. Make them a part of your vehicle’s security.

Faraday Pouches

An increasing number of car thefts are now ‘keyless’. Tech-savvy thieves use devices that redirect signals from key fobs straight into vehicles; meaning they can steal them quickly and quietly. Faraday pouches prevent the signals from being redirected.

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Conceal Valuables

You should never leave valuables in your car when it’s unattended, especially at night. However, if you have no alternative option, make sure that you conceal tem; put them under seats or cover them up.

Park in Secure Locations 

Thieves don’t want to be caught, which means they’ll only take risks if they think they’re worth the reward. Parking your vehicle in a secure, well-lit location will make it a less tantalising target.

Protect your Catalytic Converter 

Many vehicles now make use of catalytic converters. They’re designed to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are produced. However, as they contain many precious metals, they’re often targeted by thieves. Some criminal gangs are so brazen that they’ve targeted cars in broad daylight on the streets of London! You can get yours marked to discourage thieves, or even buy a grate guard that make them difficult to remove.

Tracking Devices

A fundamental security feature, tacking devices mean that if you vehicle is stolen you’ll be able to locate it. Given that most stolen vehicles are never recovered by police, they’re always worth it should the worst happen.

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Driveway Bollards 

Ok, this security tactic may not be available to everyone. But if you are able to fit your driveway with bollards, or other obstructions, it’ll essentially make it impossible for thieves to steal your vehicle. It might be worth investing in them if you live in a crime hotspot.

Window Etchings 

Window etching works by marking your car’s windows, subtly, with recognisable markings. They can discourage thieves, make it easier to locate your vehicle if it’s stolen and make it harder for criminals to sell it on.

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