Car Thefts: Here’s Six Ways To Protect Your Car At Home

Unfortunately, car thefts are on the rise in the UK and vehicles are rarely recovered. Here’s five ways to protect yours at home…

Hide your Valuables

One sure way to make your car attractive to thieves is by leaving valuable items inside of it when it’s unattended. A car in of itself can be attractive enough, even more so if it’s got a phone or laptop inside. Try to empty your car when it’s not in use. If you can’t, carefully conceal anything of value.

Get a Steering Wheel Lock

Getting inside a car, and starting it, whilst remaining undetected is no small feat. So, why not make the process even more challenging for criminals by getting a steering wheel lock? They’ll ensure that, if a thief does get inside your car, they’ll face another challenging obstacle. Indeed, having one installed may be enough to deter an opportunistic car thief altogether.

Think About Lighting 

Criminals don’t want to get caught, and that fact doesn’t change when it comes to car thefts. They weigh up risk against reward. So, ensuring that your driveway is lit up during the darker hours can produce a strong deterrent. Many outdoor lights are now motion activated, too, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbours or facing a higher electricity bill.

Get an RFID Wallet 

Most car thefts are now keyless. This means criminals are getting inside of vehicles, and starting their engines, without having to worry about stealing a set of keys. Instead, they rely upon so-called ‘relay crime’. They use a small transmitter device capable of redirecting a signal from a fob in your home straight back into the car. In which case, store your car keys in an RFID wallet; these make it impossible to redirect signals.

Consider CCTV

Ok, CCTV may sound a tad invasive. However, if you own a sought after model or live in an area with a lot of car thefts, CCTV can make all of the difference. Even a non-operational camera installed in a clear place on your property can make criminals think twice.

Install Bollards 

Getting bollards installed at your property is probably the single best way to prevent your car being stolen. Rising out of the ground when activated, they’ll make getting off of your driveway utterly impossible. Combine them with the previously mentioned measures, and no one’s going to risk trying your vehicle’s doors.

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