Car Vandalism: 7 Ways You Can Protect Your Car…

Car vandalism is on the rise, with incidents up by 10% over the last three years alone. But it is possible to protect your car with a few simple steps…

What You Need To Know About Car Vandalism

Car vandalism can be exceptionally upsetting. Not only does it cause costly damage, it often has a psychological impact on the victim as well. We want to know why we’ve been singled out and why we’re targeted. The reality is that many acts of vandalism are ‘mindless’. There often isn’t a particular reason and, sometimes, it has nothing to do with what the driver has done.

In 2016, 210,000 incidents of car vandalism were reported; although the true figure is probably much higher, as people attempt to protect their no-claims policies. Some regions are more affected than others, too. Figures in Greater Manchester have gotten 37% worse, for instance. Significant increases were also reported in Hertfordshire and West Yorkshire (25%), with Northumbria also recording a 22% rise.

Typical forms of car vandalism include keying, graffiti, slashed tyres and smashed windows. This means repair costs can vary considerably. Some damage can be repaired by the owner, other forms will require a trip to a garage. In which case, some drivers may need to rely on their car insurance coverage.

What To Do If Your Car Is Vandalised

If you’re unlucky enough to become the victim of vandals, there are a few steps you should take. First of all, take pictures of all of the damage and report it to the police. When you do, make sure you get a crime reference number, as this can help with any insurance claims. Before considering making a claim, get a quote for any necessary repair work. It may simply be cheaper to fork out on them yourself than relying on your insurance provider in the long-term. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the culprit will be caught without witnesses or good quality CCTV footage; although even these aren’t guarantees. Few police forces will dedicate already stretched resources to finding car vandals.

How To Protect Your Car From Vandals

Use Your Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, why not use it? According to some studies, only 22% of drivers use theirs to store their cars. But it’s a sure way of making it practically impossible to vandalise, or steal, your motor. We think that’s worth giving up a bit of space for paint you never use.

Invest In Lighting 

Car vandals don’t like being seen, which means they generally strike when no one’s around; meaning nighttime is often their friend. Deter them by keeping your driveway well-lit and park in properly illuminated areas.

CCTV Is A Great Deterrent

Perhaps even more than lighting, CCTV can deter criminals. Having a camera installed on your home may seem a bit Big Brother, but it’s hardly a novel move  by today’s standards. Make sure it’s visible though, discrete CCTV misses the point entirely.

Keep Everything Locked

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to overlook the basics when it comes to our cars. Make sure that you get into a habit of double-checking that your car is properly locked and secure. Also, check that your windows are fully raised as these offer a great way for vandals to get inside of the vehicle.

Take Away Temptation

Car vandalism, as we mentioned, is often mindless; serving no particular purpose other than to gratify the vandal. Some, however, are motivated by more material motives; targeting vehicles based on what they seem to contain. Leaving a laptop or mobile device in clear view, for instance, is a major advertisement for thieves and vandals; as is loose cash. Keep it all hidden or, even better, take it out of the car when it’s not in use.

Install An Alarm

If your car doesn’t come with an alarm, get one installed. Whilst they’re unlikely to actually prevent a theft, they can certainly reduce the amount of time a criminal invests in your vehicle; which means they’ve got less time to cause damage or attempt to steal it and / or its contents.

Get A Dash Cam

Many modern dash-cams actually have a “parking mode” feature. This allows them to record even when the car’s ignition is turned off. It may act as a deterrent but, if it doesn’t, the evidence can still be used to make a claim and (ideally) catch the culprit. Tesla drivers get a better version of this technology via ‘Sentry Mode’. This uses the car’s on-board cameras to record criminals and even warn them off.

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