Choosing The Right Car When You’re On A Budget

The car you choose will have a big impact on your overall motoring costs. Here’s a few things to consider when buying on a budget…

Miles Per Gallon

If you’re opting for a traditional ICE vehicle (petrol, diesel or a hybrid) it’s important to factor in miles per gallon (MPG). This is, ultimately, an indicator of how much fuel your vehicle is going to burn through; and, therefore, how much money you’re going to spend at the pumps. If you’re on a general budget, it makes sense to go for something economical.


The drivetrain you go for will have a major impact on long-term motoring expenses. In which case, you should think about what’s best for you. An ICE model may be cheaper than a hybrid or EV at the point of purchase, but may cost more in terms of running costs. It’s about balancing what you can afford immediately with long-term expenses.


Lots of cities and local authorities are implementing low-emission zones. These, in essence, charge drivers for entry. If there’s one local to you, or if you’ll be driving into them fairly regularly, it might be worth ensuring that what ever vehicle you go for won’t be penalised.

Insurance Costs 

Insuring a vehicle can be a pricey affair, especially for younger or newer drivers. People often overlook the fact that a part of any premium is based on the vehicle being insured, regardless of who the driver is. The more expensive and powerful a car is, the higher the premium will be. Bear this in mind when purchasing a car.

Value for Money 

As consumers, not all of the choices we make are rational. We sometimes purchase things that, frankly, we don’t really need. Take SUVs, for instance. They represent around 40% of the global car market. Large and bulky, people are drawn to them because they’re perceived as status-symbols. But, crucially, do we really need them? Probably not, so we should try to only pay for a model that boasts characteristics that we really need; especially when we’re on a budget.


All cars need fairly regular servicing and maintenance. But some are significantly more reliable than others, meaning they need fewer trips to a garage. Research a model’s reliability and tendency to experience faults before making a purchase; it’ll help you to save money on repairs and part replacements.

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