Coronavirus: How To Keep Your Car Free Of COVID-19

The world is the grip of a major health pandemic, with Coronavirus sweeping across the globe. Our cars are hotbeds for germs and bacteria at the best of times, so keeping them clean can make a big difference…

Soap Is Your Secret Weapon

Keeping your car free of coronavirus isn’t really any different to keeping it free of any other virus or bacteria; it just means being more thorough. First things first, you don’t need fancy and expensive anti-bacterial wash. A humble bar of soap from down the road will do – it’s fatal to COVID-19. Use this to clean your car’s seats and dashboards, it’ll break down the virus if it’s present. Don’t just go for a quick clean though, let it settle for a minute or two before washing it off. This is the same principle as washing your hands for at least 20 seconds. Don’t worry about the soap damaging your car, it’s much less likely to ruin anything than commercial cleaning products.

Make Sure To Wear Gloves

You need to be meticulous when it comes to coronavirus. Otherwise, what’s the point? Make sure you wear disposable gloves whilst you clean your car. This will stop you from transferring any bacteria on yourself to the interior or exterior. Make sure to pay extra attention to things like door handles, seatbelts and the steering wheel; these are the most likely places for bacteria and viruses to muster. It’s also worth prioritising these areas when cleaning.

Water And Infotainment Don’t Mix

No, it’s not rocket science. It’s not a good idea to mix water with your cars infotainment system; or, indeed, any of its electronics. Most car manufacturers recommend that you use solvents or alcohol-based products for cleaning touchscreens. Bleach-free wipes should also be fine for giving them a good clean. Most of these products should also be good for killing germs as well as giving the interior a good shine. Buttons, knobs and dials naturally come into contact with hands and on a fairly frequent basis, so make sure you don’t overlook these whilst cleaning.

Get Out The Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming a car is rarely fun. There are lots of hard-to-reach places that require some dexterity and flexibility. Still, it’s a sure way of keeping your car free of dirt and debris; things germs and bacteria love. A thorough vacuum will prevent your car from becoming a breeding ground for them. Pay extra attention to seats, door pockets and storage areas; anywhere that dust and dirt can accrue largely unnoticed. Make sure you give your car mats a good shaking down, too. Avoid eating in your car and keep anything dirty in the boot after you’re done, removing them completely when possible.

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