Dacia Jogger Gets One-Star Euro NCAP Rating

Dacia’s new Jogger model has failed to impress testers at Euro NCAP, who awarded it with just one safety star out of maximum of five…

One-Star Rating for Dacia Jogger

Dacia is known for being one of the most cost-effective car brands in the world; offering accessible models for a low price. Its latest model is the Jogger, a cross-over styled compact MPV. Unfortunately, it’s had a bit of a shaky launch, as it secured a paltry one-star safety rating following tests conducted by Euro NCAP.

Euro NCAP is widely regarded as the testing authority in European markets. Whilst its ratings aren’t de jure, they taken seriously by car manufacturers and consumers alike. It tests a car’s safety on the basis of front, rear and side impacts. It factors in risks posed to drivers and passengers, too. To receive just one star, then, will be a major disappoint for any car brand.

Manufacturer Isn’t Worried 

Despite the low safety score, Dacia’s chiefs aren’t worried. Lionel Jaillet, the brand’s vice-president of product performance, has said the company’s customers “are not willing to pay” for the advanced safety features required for a higher rating.

Jaillet said, “every time we put a new car onto the market, it is the safest Dacia ever. Jogger is already far safer than the Lodgy and even compared with most cars that are already driving around, we are providing a level of safety features that is far removed from before”. He continued, “but we are not chasing Euro NCAP stars when they are related to electronic aids. Many of our customers are not willing to pay for that, and they are not understanding how to use them anyway”.

It’s worth noting that Euro NCAP is dedicated to continued improvement in terms of driving safety. As a result, its tests are continually made harder and harder. A car that would have easily secured a 5-star rating in the past may now end up with one or two stars; assuming improvements and new safety technologies hadn’t been addressed. As a result, the Jogger isn’t necessarily unsafe in general; testers simply don’t believe it’s living up to the latest safety standards.

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