Dads Drive Faster Than Moms, According To Kids…

A new survey of children has shed light on the driving abilities of their parents. Most, it seems, believe their fathers drive faster than their mothers…

Dads Drive Faster Than Moms

A survey of 1,000 children has shed light on the driving abilities of their parents. Aged between six and sixteen, 43% said fathers were better at driving than mothers. Just 29% said their mother was the better motorist. Conducted by MG, the survey also revealed that 42% believed their fathers drove the fastest; and were most likely to suffer from road rage. Which might explain why 35% of the children said they’d rather be in the car whilst their mothers were driving – especially because they were more likely to play games, including ‘I Spy’, whilst behind the wheel.

Manoeuvres And Music

Despite suffering from road rage, the surveyed children suggested that their fathers were better at manoeuvring their cars; including reverse and parallel parking, hill starts and three-point turns. They also said that they were better at performing car maintenance, including changing tyres. However, Some 40% of the children prefer the music taste of their mothers’ – compared to just 31% who preferred their fathers’ choice of music. That said, 63% would still prefer to listen to their own.

An MG spokesman commented on the survey’s results. They said, “the results paint an interesting picture of family car journeys and how kids see their parents. Everyone remembers family road trips from when they were younger, the discussions which are had, games that are played and music choices”. They added, “it’s amusing to have an insight into children’s views of their parent’s driving habits and clearly the results show dad wins when it comes to driving but mum is more fun to be with in the car.

Whether the views expressed by children are based soley on their experiences of the parents, or whether something more culturally determined is going on, isn’t clear. Regardless, moms and dads can both improve on their driving by sticking to speed limits, avoiding road rage and brushing up on general maintenance – all necessary in keeping children, and other passengers, safe.

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