Dangerous Drivers: What Our Professions Say About Our Driving

Research has shed light on the worse drivers on Britain’s roads based on their profession. You may want to avoid the likes of car dealers, priests and tyre fitters the most!

The Most Dangerous Drivers By Profession 

MoneySupermarket has analysed new insurance data in order to determine who the most dangerous drivers are by profession; and the results may surprise you. The worst culprits are car dealers, tyre fitters and priests. These were in the top five offending occupations based on data concerning nearly eight million insurance inquiries. All of them, however, lag significantly behind those who describe themselves as being ‘loaders’ – people responsible for loading and unloading goods, usually in warehouses or HGVs. The data shows that loaders have a driver offence rate of 7.21 per 1,000 drivers; significantly ahead of 4.06 for car dealers and 4.05 for tyre fitters. Priests come out slightly ahead of medical advisers. These had offence ratings of 2.76 and 2.75 per 1,000 drivers respectively.

But what about the other end of the spectrum, who are the safest drivers? According to the data, it’s a contest between demolition workers, headteachers, lawyers, vets and (would you believe it) professional footballers. None of these had declared convictions for dangerous driving.

Men Are More Dangerous Than Women

The data scrutinised by MoneySupermarket also discovered a significant difference in driving safety between men and women. Ultimately, the former are six times more likely to have driving convictions (0.27 per 1,000 compared with 0.04). Younger drivers are also worse offenders than older ones, too. Generation Z (20-24-years old) are the worst for convictions, with with 0.47 dangerous driving offences per 1,000 drivers. They’re followed by millennials (25-29-years old) with 0.39. By age, those aged over 65 were the safest with 0.02 convictions per 1,000.

Making Assumptions 

Emma Garland, data scientist at MoneySuperMarket, has said that the findings prove that we should never make assumptions when it comes to driving. She said, “our research goes to show that you can never make any assumptions about drivers and their behaviour. If you feel that your driving is putting yourself or others at risk, you should consider some refresher lessons to improve your driving skills and knowledge of the Highway Code”. She added, “if you’ve got points on your licence as a result of previous dangerous driving offences or a lesser offence, you might find that you’re faced with higher than normal car insurance premiums.”

When it comes to driving, what matters is our own ability and knowledge of the Highway Code. It doesn’t matter how old we are, what our gender is or how we make a living, all of us can make the nation’s roads safer places to be. Are you doing your bit?

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