Dealing With Glare: How To Maintain Your Vision Whilst Driving

Driving without a clear field of view is problematic to say the least. Capable of temporarily blinding drivers, it’s important to guard against it. Here’s five ways to reduce glare whilst driving…

Wear Sunglasses 

The single best way of avoiding the dangers of glare, both during the day and the night, is by using sunglasses; or anti-glare glasses if you wear them for your general vision. Your optician will usually be able to look into these for you. You should always keep a good pair in your car, especially during the summer months. Just remember to get a pair with a good fitting frame and that they can actually block out the sun!

Look To Your Left

When you’re dazzled, it’s important that you’re aware of your surroundings. Sudden movements or panic can lead to disastrous consequences. Driving experts advise that when you’re being dazzled, the best course of action is to look left at the lines on the road. This will allow you to retain some of your vision and keep you driving in the right direction (and, hopefully, in lane).

Avoid Using Interior Lights 

Our cars are littered with lights, some of them are constant whilst others blink or flash away as we drive. In fact, newer models always seem to come with more and more. But this can be distracting, especially at night. Try not to leave on any unnecessary interior lights, especially when you’re on the move. Not only can they obscure your own vision, they can be distracting for other drivers. It’s not an offence, but police officers could pull you over.

Keep Your Windscreen Clean

It’s bad enough to be on the receiving end of another driver’s high-beam lights without having to contend with a dirty windscreen. If a part of your field of view is blurred or obstructed, you want the rest of it to be as clear as possible. Make sure to keep your windscreen wash topped up and to remove any debris or dirt before setting off on a long journey.

Adjust Your Mirrors 

A lot of drivers suffer from glare because they fail to position their centre mirrors correctly. Make sure it’s not raised too high, as this means the car behind you has a greater chance of dazzling you. In addition, make sure to check whether yours has a ‘night’ setting. This will still allow you to see lights from behind you, but they’ll be dimmed. It’s also worth making sure your other mirrors are aligned, too, as they’ll allow you see keep check on your surrounds whilst you’re forward-looking view is obscured.

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