Do Electric Cars Really Need Less Maintenance?

Part of the appeal of electric cars is their reduced running costs. But, in terms of maintenance, how much better are they?

Electric Cars and Maintenance 

Electric cars are, generally, cheaper and easier to maintain than their petrol, diesel and hybrid equivalents. The reason for this is simple – they possess far fewer moving parts and components. In simple terms, there’s less ‘stuff’ that can go wrong. However, this isn’t to say that they don’t require proper servicing and maintenance at all. In fact, some things may need slightly more attention in the long term. Here’s a few things that do require some attention over an EV’s lifespan…


The batteries used by electric vehicles are heavy. This places more strain on an EV’s tyres, causing them to wear at a faster rate. As a result, you’ll need to keep an eye on air pressure and tread. Instant torque also means that electric vehicles benefit from near instant acceleration – placing further strain on tyres.


EVs use something called ‘regenerative braking’. Some of the energy that’s lost when brakes are applied is transferred back to the vehicle’s battery. It’s a more efficient system than the one used in ICE vehicles, so there’s less wear and tear. Nevertheless, EVs still use pads, disks and brake fluid. All of these things need inspections and, eventually, replacements. So, don’t let the regenerative system fool you into thinking that you can ignore brake maintenance.


Battery technology is improving at a fairly rapid rate, meaning that they can store more energy, charge up at a faster rate and have longer lifespans. To make yours last as long as possible, follow the charging guide that came with your EV. As a general rule, it’s best to keep the charge between 20 – 80%. Any more, or any less, can cause problems in the long-term.

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