Don’t Make These Five Winter Driving Mistakes

Winter often comes with tough driving conditions. Here’s five driving mistakes you should avoid making during the colder months…

Driving Too Quickly 

Some drivers think it’s appropriate to drive in the same way regardless of different road conditions. As has been previously mentioned, winter weather means tricky driving conditions and slippy road surfaces. Driving at inappropriate speeds is likely to cause your car to skid and to lose control. You should be driving at a reduced speed in winter weather conditions, approaching corners and manoeuvres gradually and smoothly.

Not Leaving Enough Space

Tailgating is one of the worst things drivers can do. It’s exceedingly dangerous in any time of year, and is widely regarded as being threatening and intimidating behaviour. However, during the winter months road surfaces are often slippy – a product of rain, snow and sludge. Not leaving enough space between your vehicle and other road-users can spell disaster, because stopping distances are greatly increased. Should you need to suddenly brake, you’ll need plenty of time to react and for your car’s brakes to work.

Neglecting Visibility 

Winter means dark mornings and dark nights – those times that, for many motorists, are when they’re most likely to be behind the wheel; especially during the working week. As a result, good visibility is extremely important. You want to be able to see what’s around you and, equally, you want to be easily visible to other road-users. Make sure that your car’s lights are working properly and aren’t damaged or obscured. If you’re not sure how your car’s lights work, familiarise yourself with them. It’s also worth investing in a high-visibility vest, in case you end up breaking down or becoming stranded.

Inappropriate Clothing

It can be cold out on the road in the cooler months. So, it’s not surprising that some motorists want to cover themselves in multiple layers, gloves, scarves and thick footwear. The problem is that this kind of clothing can make driving awkward. You may find yourself struggling to move or react as quickly, and winter boots may be too cumbersome to get a feel of a car’s foot pedals. Make sure your clothing is appropriate for yourself and the space available in your car – and consider letting your heating system warm up before setting off.

Failing to Remove Snow and Ice

Waiting around in freezing temperatures whilst your car defrosts can be miserable and time-consuming. If you’re waiting to commute to work, or to make an important engagement, you may feel tempted to only partially complete the defrosting process. However, driving around in a car covered in ice and snow is a recipe for disaster. First of all, both can reduce your visibility. Secondly, snow can fly off of your car at speed – which poses a danger to other road-users and pedestrians. Moreover, police officers have the power to stop and fine you – issuing penalty points in some instances. Keep your car clear.

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