Don’t Leave These Items In Your Car Over Winter

Many drivers use their cars for storing all sorts of items, from tools to sports gear. But winter temperatures could wreak havoc on some of them…


Medications can be affected by extreme temperatures, especially the freezing temperatures typically experienced over the winter. Sometimes, these changes simply stop pills or medicines from working properly; but dangerous reactions can also sometimes take place. This is especially the case with insulin, as it stops working once frozen; meaning it won’t lower a person’s blood sugar levels.


Many electronic devices, from smartphones to laptops, are sensitive to temperature. Most of them, for instance, work best when their surroundings are between 0 and 35C. If they’re exposed to cold temperatures, they can suffer from reduced battery life and may even fail to turn on at all.

Musical Instruments 

If you’re a bit musical and tend to travel around with wooden instruments, make sure to remove them from your car when temperatures drop. Wood will naturally contract in freezing temperatures, and this will affect the sound instruments produce. Sometimes, the wood they’re made out of may even crack.

Tins and Aerosols 

You really, really don’t want to leave aerosol products or tins in your car in winter conditions. Freezing temperatures can cause them to become destabilised, in which case there’s a very real possibility that they’ll explode due to increases in pressure. Make sure to store them somewhere with a standard room temperature.

Half a Tank of Fuel

Ok, this is a bit of a weird one. You shouldn’t leave half a tank of fuel (or less, even) in your car during the winter. In freezing conditions, petrol can actually freeze; keeping your tank full can help to prevent this. In which case, try to keep things topped up when you can.

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