Drive An Automatic Car? You’re Forking Out £100 More On Insurance

If you drive an automatic car you almost certainly have it easier when cruising on a motorway or crawling in traffic. When it comes to car insurance, however, manual drivers have it better…

Automatic Cars And Car Insurance

Automatic cars have all sorts of benefits over manuals. For instance, they’re generally easier to drive and don’t require the same level of input from the driver; allowing for less strenuous motoring. When it comes to car insurance, however, it’s a different story. Drivers of automatics are forking out £100 more a year than their manual counterparts. According to MoneySupermarket, people pay £466 a year on average in insuring a car with a manual transmission. That’s a fifth cheaper than the £560 paid by drivers of automatics. As a general rule, automatics are more expensive than manuals. They cost more at the point of sale and, due to the complex technology involved, often cost more to service and maintain.

Over the last two years, car insurance premiums have actually fallen for manuals and automatics. Manual car insurance premiums dropped by 24%. That’s equivalent to £151.18. Automatics declined by 14%, which is equivalent to £88.57.

Rising Popularity 

Despite the costs associated with automatic cars, they’re becoming increasingly popular. Originally popularised in the United States, they now make up an impressive 28% of all car insurance enquiries in the UK. This is likely because they’re easier to drive; making them ideal for learner drivers or for those drivers who make long and monotonous journeys. They’re especially useful in heavy traffic, when a car is reduced to a crawl, as the driver doesn’t need to keep putting the car in and out of gear. A study conducted by the AA revealed that more than half of drivers are attracted to automatic options precisely because they feel they’re easier to drive.

That said, the popularity of automatic options is regional. Most enquiries, for instance, are made in London. Which shouldn’t be surprising, given how congested London streets often are. Indeed, some buses are so slow that some commuters have reported that they can simply walk quicker! Whether automatics will continue to grow in popularity or not remains to be seen. For now, they seem to be a favoured option amongst those who can afford them due to the care-free motoring they offer. Nevertheless, drivers should be aware of the increased costs that come with them.

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