Drive These Cars? You’re Statistically More Likely To Be A Bad Driver

What makes a bad driver? Excessive speeds, not indicating, jumping red lights…The list is endless. But, according to research, the cars we drive are a pretty good indicator, too…

Luxury Cars 

The research, which was conducted by GoCompare Car Insurance, looked into the nation’s worst drivers based on how likely they were to speed, jump red lights and make at-fault insurance claims. BMW drivers came out on top as being the worst drivers, followed closely by motorists driving Audis and Mercedes. More specifically, drivers owning a BMW 420D were found to be the most likely to be convicted for a driving-related offence; such as causing an accident. More than one in six BMW 420D drivers (17.1%) were found to have been convicted of an offence. For perspective, that’s double the average for all other models which sits at around 8.5%. In addition, 21.3% of BMW 3 Series drivers had also made an at-fault claim. In general, drivers of luxury car brands were found to be the most likely to drive dangerously, causing accidents on the road and receiving driving-related convictions.

Increased Insurance Costs

A spokesman from GoCompare, Matt Oliver, pointed out that not all BMW, Audi and Mercedes drivers reflected the trend. He said, “while it may be no surprise that higher-powered, luxury cars are the marques of choice for some of the more dangerous drivers on the road, it’s not true of all owners of these makes.” However, he expressed concern with the number of high-powered luxury cars on the raid, stating “what is more worrying is the large number of these cars on the road right now. According to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), BMW, Mercedes and Audi all feature among the top ten most popular cars of 2018.” He warned that making at-fault claims is likely to see your insurance costs rocketing as you are perceived as a high-risk customer.

The drivers found to be least likely to make an at-fault claim owned Ford Kas and Vauxhall Agilas.

Britain’s Worst Drivers By Car

BMW 420D (17.1%)

Audi A5 (15.5%)

Mercedes Benz C220 (14.8%)

Mercedes Benz E220 (14.8%)

Jaguar XF (14.3%)

Mercedes Benz CLA (14.3%)

Mercedes Benz GLC (14.0%)

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