Driver Caught Doing 151mph On M1 During Lockdown

With the country in the grip of a national lockdown, traffic levels have dropped to those recorded in the 1950s. As a consequence, some drivers see empty roads as an invitation to speed, with one has been caught doing 151 on the M1…

Extreme Speeds On The M1

A driver has been filmed doing a staggering 151mph on the M1 over the Easter holiday. Andy Cox, a superintendent, shared footage of the speeding driver (who unfortunately managed to evade the police) on Twitter. He Tweeted, ‘extreme speeds this weekend in London. Many enforced including 97mph on A10. This driver reached 151mph on M1 before decamping car and evading on foot. We will do [our] upmost to identify and take action. Anyhow no doubt will come to our attention again before he hurts somebody!’ It’s been reported that, in some parts of the country, speeding offences have actually doubled; with some drivers taking advantage of deserted roads. On Saturday,  police from Greater Manchester shared footage of a Mercedes-AMG reaching 128mph on the East Lancashire Road. They said “he’s off to court for speeding and breaching cover regulations”.

As a result of an increase in speeding offences, police have had to reissue warnings. In particular, they’ve emphasised that they can fine drivers for making non-essential journeys. These can include an on-the-spot fine of £60, with repeat offenders possibly facing fines of up to £960.

Lockdown Is No Excuse For Speeding 

Traffic in the UK has sunk to levels not recorded since the 1950s. This phenomenon has caused some drivers to attempt to take advantage of the situation, by speeding. But whilst the roads are much quieter than they usually are, drivers still have no excuse to ignore speed limits. Thousands of key workers, including NHS workers and delivery drivers, still need to use the road network to keep vital services functioning. Speeding puts their lives at risk. Andy Cox also pointed out how accidents can take vital workers from where they really need to be. He said, “fatal or serious collisions require the use of NHS, fire and police. Those involved in a serious collision are likely to end up in hospital, depriving people suffering from COVID-19 of precious NHS resource, precious medical care and potentially hospital beds”.

So, whilst an empty motorway might tempt you to push down on the accelerator, remember your obligations to other drivers and key workers. Speeding is never safe, even on empty roads. Besides, with the complete absence of traffic in most of the country there’s practically no chance of being delayed!

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