Driver With 27 Penalty Points On Their Licence Still Allowed On The Roads

New figures have revealed that thousands of drivers with enough penalty points for disqualification are still on the road network…

Thousands of Drivers with 12 Points or More 

New figures have revealed that there are thousands of drivers in the UK with 12 penalty points or more on their licences; meaning they’re eligible for disqualification and a driving ban. DVLA figures show that a whopping 8,632 drivers have 12 points or more. One individual has even managed to earn themselves an incredible, and equally disturbing, 27 points – all whilst somehow avoiding a ban.

Penalty points are applied to a driver’s licence when they’re caught committing a driving offence. This might include speeding, running a red light or drink-driving. Typically, a driver faces at least a six-month driving disqualification should they secure 12 points; although courts sometimes offer leniency if a person faces ‘hardship’ as a result of the ban. Hardship might include losing one’s employment or being unable to access vital public services.


Naturally, not everyone’s happy that potentially very dangerous drivers are still on the roads. Road safety charity Brake, for instance, has suggested that leniency is putting people’s lives at risk.

Jason Wakeford, head of campaigns at the charity, said ‘it is appalling that any driver can remain on the country’s roads despite having accumulated 12 points or more. These dangerous repeat offenders have been granted ample opportunity to change their driving behaviour, yet continue to put lives at risk through their complete disregard for the law”.

Whilst there almost certainly are rare exceptions when an otherwise dangerous driver deserves leniency, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could offer it to someone with 27 points; most drivers wouldn’t be able to accumulate that many even if they tried.

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