Drivers Are Demanding Action Against ‘Exploitative’ Motorway Fuel Prices

A new poll has revealed that the overwhelming majority of drivers want action taken against ‘exploitative’ fuel prices on motorways. These can be as much as 37% more expensive than elsewhere…

Ending Exploitative Fuel Prices

A new survey conducted by Motorpoint has revealed that an overwhelming majority of drivers feel that motorway fuel prices are exploitative. Some 90% of 1,415 drivers included in the poll suggested they wanted action taken against fuel vendors. Even more, 94% to be exact, want prices on motorways brought inline with prices found elsewhere. Currently, prices are up to 37% more expensive at motorway service stations.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, the average price of petrol in the UK is 124p per litre. The average price of diesel is 127p per litre. However, it’s easy to find prices as high as 147p whilst traversing some of the nation’s motorways. The government has, on occasion, pledged to investigate fuel price discrepancies between service stations and elsewhere. Thus far, this hasn’t let to tangible action.

Mark Carpenter, chief executive officer at Motorpoint, has claimed that the fuel prices at service stations are ‘unjustifiable’. He said, “the results of the Motorpoint poll clearly show the strength of feeling among motorists about the ‘exploitative’ price of fuel on our motorways”. He added, “while many drivers value having the services available, and don’t mind paying a small premium for the convenience, the current disparity between the price of fuel on our motorways and the price of fuel elsewhere are completely unjustifiable and action is needed to bring them more in line with each other”.

Beating Fuel Prices

No driver has any power over the prices listed at petrol stations or service stations. But that’s not to say that there aren’t savings to be made. The average British driver spends around £60,000 on fuel in his or her lifetime, so there’s every reason to be thrifty. Here are a few straightforward tips to save on fuel costs…

Keep Your Car Light

The heavier your car is, the more energy is required to get it moving. Where does that energy come from? For most cars, combustion and that means burning through fuel. So remove your roof rack when you don’t need it, take out the golf clubs and remove any clutter from the interior. Keep things as light as possible to keep your fuel bill as light as possible.

Stick To Speed Limits

Modern cars often have pretty good fuel economies. However, they’re designed with speed limits in mind and, in many countries, this sits at around 70 mph. Go past this figure and you may slightly speed up your journey. What’s more certain, however, is that you’ll drastically increase the rate at which you’re burning through fuel.

Try To Shop Around

Modern life is busy and hectic, so we often want instant gratification and straightforward solutions. But going to a petrol station simply because it’s the closest is rarely the most economical option. Work out where your local stations are and experiment with their pricing. The difference of a few pence can go a long way over the course of a few months or a year.

Don’t Bother Going Premium

Premium fuel is such an obvious scam that we wonder how it’s become so mainstream and so widespread; it rarely raises eyebrows or attracts much criticism. The only cars set to benefit from premium fuel are supercars, which have infinitely more complex and thirsty engines than anything found in most cars on the road. It’ll cost you more and you’re exceptionally unlikely to notice any improvements in your car’s performance or longevity.

Buy An Economical Car

This isn’t particularly helpful if you’re not thinking of getting a new car. However, most drivers will be getting a new model at some point or other. When they do, it’s important not just to factor in aesthetics and in car-tech. Pay attention to mpg ratings and investigate them online. Some cars are substantially cheaper to run than others; in some cases, a slightly more expensive car will be more cost-effective long-term than a really cheap one.

Look After Your Tyres

Your car’s tyres can have a major impact on your fuel economy. When they have plenty of tread depth and the right air pressures, the engine won’t have to work hard to move them. When they’re lacking grip or the wrong pressures, they’re much more demanding. Make sure to regularly inspect them for damage, look at the tread depth and keep an eye on pressure levels.

Plan Your Journeys 

We know, it’s practically twee. However, planning your journeys can save you a significant amount of money. Sat-navs have changed the way we drive but they’re far from perfect. Taking the time to familiarise yourself with the road network can help you optimise your journey; either by reducing miles overall or avoiding the likes of congestion and roadworks (both of which demand fuel-consuming driving styles). Take your time and optimise your routes.

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