Drivers Could Be Fined £1,000 This Winter

Drivers could be face large fines by inadvertently falling foul of an overlooked aspect of the Highway Code…

Fined this Winter?

As we approach winter, drivers will face new driving and weather conditions. As a result, many may accidentally break an often overlooked aspect of the Highway Code – potentially facing an eye-watering fine as a result.

Drivers that fail to maintain sufficient visibility as they drive during the winter can be issued fines of £1,000; a sure way of ruining anyone’s Christmas or festivities. Whilst most modern cars post-2011 are fitted with automatic ‘daytime running lights’ (DRLs), motorists are still required to switch to brighter lights when visibility is sufficiently compromised.

The Highway Code states that all cars must be fitted with DRLs that come on as engines are started. It also states drivers should employ their dipped-headlights and brighter rear lights when visibility is poor.

A Little Perspective 

Visibility is always extremely important, with or without the prospected of being fined by police. As mornings and nights become darker, it’s crucial that your vehicle is visible to other road-users. Using your car’s lights responsibly, and at the right time, is crucial in maintaining safety.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that British media is smitten with hyperbolic reporting on driving-related fines. Whilst it’s technically true that drivers can be fined for not using their lights properly, or not using the right footwear, or eating behind the wheel, the chances are rather low. Enforcement is notoriously difficult and traffic police numbers are at historic lows.

Rather than worrying about financial penalties, drivers should adopt responsible behaviours to keep themselves and their passengers safe – it’s its own reward.

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