Drivers Hit As Airports Raise Drop-Off Fees

More than two-thirds of the nation’s airports have raised their drop-off fees, placing further financial strain on drivers…

Drop-Off Charges Rise

Compounding the cost-of-living crisis, airports throughout the country have significantly raised their driver drop-off fees. According to research conducted by the RAC, more than two-thirds of the country’s largest airports have recently increased their charges.

London Stansted is the priciest location for driver drop-offers, a 15-minute space will set you back by £7 (having cost £4 for 10 minutes back in 2019). London Luton charges £5 for 10 minutes. Heathrow and Gatwick have also introduced £5 charges, which will get you 10 minutes at the former and an unclear amount at the latter.

But it’s not just London airports that are raising their prices. Manchester Airport charges £5 for a 5-minute drop-off (up from £3 in 2019). Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport charges £4 for 10 minutes (up from £3 for 20 minutes in 2019). A similar phenomenon has also been observed in Bristol and the East Midlands. Birmingham and Belfast International Airports have, however, kept their fees the same since 2019.

‘Stunned’ by Prices 

Nicholas Lyes, the RAC’s head of roads policy, commented on the rising drop-off prices at airports. He said, “anyone dropping a loved one off at the terminal this summer will be stunned by some of these sky-high ‘kiss and drop’ charges. And for those using the UK’s two busiest airports, the luxury of free drop-offs outside the terminal building has been replaced by some pretty high fees. Minute for minute and pound for pound, some of these charges could almost be as high as the airfare itself”.

He added, “while airports have had a turbulent couple of years with the pandemic, it very much looks like they have put up drop-off fees to partially make up for two years of lost revenue”.

Lyes advised drivers to do their research before deciding on where to drop passengers off.

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